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Kinder Students Learn Social Skills


Our students are learning to build their social skills through cooperative learning. They are learning to become amazing writers both using pictures and words to tell their stories. They explore math, not only by counting numbers, but with patterns of colors, shapes, and different size items. Their bodies build muscles and strength through recess and gym. Our students have opportunities to explore their artistic abilities though art and music class. 

Intervention Fun


Foundational skills encompass the early process of reading and the building blocks for reading success. Skills that we work on include: recognizing upper and lower case letters, identifying sounds in a word (beginning/middle/end), changing sounds in a word to make a new word, vocabulary, fluency, and so much more. 

5th Grade Goes to Adventure Camp


Bryant 5th graders attended Collin County Adventure Camp.  Campers were able to put their knowledge learned in the classroom to real world experience.  Students spent 3 days and 2 nights bonding with peers and camp staff.  Students took part in fishing, canoeing, hiking, archery, and climbing a rock wall.  In the evening they spent their time using flash lights on a nature hike or around the campfire preforming their skits.  Teacher, chaperones, and students all had a fantastic time.