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Student Council

JKB is the place to be! Our student council diligently works to build a school culture that is positive for everyone. This group represents our student body and is here for students. We have fundraisers and events that are in place to help in areas of need. In the fall, we will be doing a canned food drive to help stock the Coyote Pack pantry. We are also fundraising to help purchase things that will benefit the entire student body, like soccer goals that were destroyed in the storm last year. Our council is made up of our elected president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. Under our leaders, we have three committees to help keep our organization running smoothly. We have a spirit committee that is responsible for building up student morale. The community committee works on projects that can benefit our community, like canned food drives and Christmas sponsorships for students in our school. The teacher committee develops ideas for building teacher morale through small, kind gestures. With all of the organizations working together, we are building a school where our students know that they are safe and loved. Success in our school begins with embodying positivity, and that is what our student council strives to bring forth.